About Us

VAPEPENstore™ stems from a minority owned small business that networks directly with manufacturers and wholesale distributors to ensure customers excellent pricing and quality on every part, accessory and product it sells.

Our primary focus rests on satisfying our clients in the US and internationally with high-quality, proven vaporizers effective for personal treatment or enjoyment.

Vaporization is an alternative to traditional burning that avoids the inhalation of many irritating, toxic and carcinogenic by-products found in old-fashioned combustion or open flame burning.  Vaporizing also allows consumption of media to be safer and healthier when used in medical treatment.  It even lowers or eliminates risks associated with second hand smoke.

The VAPEPENstore™ brand, logo, and other aspects representative of the brand are property of Synergy Water Entertainment, LLC; based out of Florida USA.

Inquiries regarding store products, orders or other store matters please contact us here.