Hoping to provide our customers with even more choices when it comes to self-medication technology, VSSS PROMOS showcases new-to-market items from up-and-coming manufacturers just like you.

Would you like to showcase new self-care quality devices to a larger audience?

VSSS PROMOS allow our customers access to products yet to go “mainstream” or that are “price competitive” with established brands. By promoting your products in our store you will reach an audience of over 5,000 followers spread through our social media networks like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and more.

If you would like to showcase your product(s) with the VAPEPENstore PROMO Banner lets work together to to meet these basic requirements:

  • Provide stock images of products up for promotion

Kits, MODS &Tanks – 12 actual stock images

Accessories – 4 actual stock images

  • Provide stock images of product manuals that are up for promotion; all pages (if applicable).
  • Provide a brief summary and description of the product along with standard details and specs.
  • Video links of the products up for promotion (if available).
  • Commitment and capability to ship promoted products directly to clients in the quantities ordered (we typically don’t keep stock of promoted items).
  • Commitment and capability to transact with us in a timely manner so that product payment and delivery is quick, seamless and in line with VAPEPENstore standards so that our customers are treated with the same care of service they expect from our brand.

We are very excited with the possibilities that VSSS PROMOS can provide and have “high” hopes they will not only satisfy our customers demands for new, stand-out and simply cool, aromatherapy products; but, will also help drive long term business relationships with the purpose of generating sales efficiently.

If you would have like to explore the possibilities of promoting your products in our store, simply send us a short email and tell us a bit more about your business.

๐Ÿ“ง VSSSPROMOSBUSINESS@vapepenssstore.com โœ”๏ธ

Start promoting your products today!

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