expreSSSpay with PAX Gold

An easy way to make your purchases on the spot or on the go without having to go through Checkout!

In continuing to find easier ways to facilitate service to our customers we’ve decided to introduce PAX Gold as a payment alternative through expreSSSpay.

To start using expreSSSpay right-away simply follow these three easy steps:

Step 1 Send us an email detailing the product(s) that you wish to buy along with your shipping address to:

📧 ✔️

Step 2 – Expect an email confirmation reply detailing Order Total with instructions on where to send your payment.

Step 3 – Upon transaction completion you will receive another reply from us detailing order shipment tracking information.

That’s it; you’re done! It’s that quick and simple.

Go ahead! Send us an email! Skip Checkout!


Enjoy your shopping!

Help us help you better. Attach an image, share back one of our tweets, or simply use any of our public posts to clearly show the product(s) that you wish to buy from our store, when sending your email for expreSSSpay.

Note: This is an individual use method and can’t be used in conjunction with other offers, sales or promotions.

Note to International Customers: Please accept our apologies; but, in order to maximize benefits, expreSSSpay is currently limited to US CUSTOMERS only. International shipping costs tend to complicate things for us a little. We’re hopeful you’ll understand.


From time to time we have Ongoing Sales & Pomotions:

Right now, get 15% CASHED BACK your entire purchase of $60+ when you pay with DOGECOIN (DOGE). Once you do you will beautomatically enrolled in our Cashed Back Offer program.

After an order using DOGECOIN goes through, we will subsequently, send a cash equivalent of 15% OFF the entire order to the DOGECOIN WALLET ADDRESS you provide us.

Simple… we transfer you 15% CASH BACK every time you use DOGE at checkout.


We are committed to make the DOGECOIN 15% CASHED BACK transfer within 14 days from the date when the order was made.

Note:   This is an individual use method and can’t be used in conjunction with other offers, sales or promotions. If we are unable to draw your address off the blockchain intact or with ease, we will ask you to share your address with us so that we can honor you with the offer.

DOGECOIN enables and favors small businesses like ours by providing a secure & affordable, platform through which transparent and trustworthy transactions can be made in a way similar to PayPal but without intermediaries.

Our DOGE Address: D9BgqqzjErK1PkC1EtYqQFhQ2ANztgBfRX

ATH móvil SALE

De vez en cuando llevamos acabo Ventas y Promociones (Ongoing Sales & Pomotions):

Esta oferta, consiste en otorgarle un 10% de DESCUENTO todos nuestros clientes que agreguen $60 o más en compras y efectúen su pago con el servicio ATH móvil.

Para adquirir el descuento simplemente navegue a la opción de ATH móvil en nuestra página de pago y al procesar la orden se le honrará la venta.

Su oferta de descuento la recibirá como transferencia en la misma cuenta que utilizó al momento de efectuar su pago. Nuestro compromiso es hacerle llegar el descuento en un periodo de no más de 48 horas desde el momento en que efectuó su orden.

📧 ✔️

Sencillo, pague con ATH móvil y de agregar $60 o más le honramos un 10% de descuento!

Note: Esta es una oferta de uso individual y no se puede usar en conjunto o combinación con otras ofertas, ventas o promociones según anunciadas en nuestra tienda. De vez, entiendase que la oferta aquí promocionada está sujeta a cambios sin previo aviso, pudiese demorar más de 48 horas en efectuarse por razones ajenas a nuestro control o de mayor inconveniencia y tampoco aplica a productos con inventario en backorder según listados.

ATH móvil es una alternativa de pago que favorece pequeños negocios como el nuestro al proveer una plataforma segura, costo effectiva y fácil de usar que no impone cargos excesivos.