How to use Asolo MOD by iJoy


Using the Asolo MOD is easy and systematic.

1 – Load your batteries in the MOD.

2 – To turn ON the MOD press its activation button 5 times.

3 – To use the MOD simply press and hold the activation button during operation. If no atomizer is connected, the MOD will show “NO ATOMIZER” in its display.

Note: By pressing the T button, the unit will switch between its VW (Variable Wattage) and TC (Temperature Control) modes. During TC mode the unit will operates as a SMART DEVICE effectively LEARNING how to most efficiently energize the connected atomizer of choice to provide you with the best tasting vapor possible.


4 – While in TC mode pressing the + or the – on the T button will allow you to operate as HARD or SOFT modes which increase or decrease the SMART operating temperature of the MOD by increasing or decreasing the temperature through percentage increments.

Note:  The unit is also capable to store in memory what it learned from the Atomizers being used so that as you switch your atomizers it can adjust back to previously LEARNED coils based on their specific resistance.


5 – This MOD also runs Titanium and Nickel Modes.  For these modes simply press the T button three times and a selection screen will appear on the unit’s display.  Then select your desired temperatures and modes by pressing the + or –  on the T button.

6 –  Further, the unit has a “Dry Hit” or E-Liquid sensing feature that will stop the unit from working if you run out of eJuice half way or prior to inhaling your vapor.  This feature makes the SMART device SAFE as well.  A MOD first.

7 – Finally the MOD has a PASSWORD function that will secure your device at all times making it, along with all its features and modes, the most sophisticated MOD available on the the market today.

8 – To turn the unit OFF press the activation button 5 times.


Note:  More information and details are found on the unit’s Manual.

Batteries are NOT included with this unit. 18650 Batteries are recommended.


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