How to use Dark Knight Vaporizer


1 – With the black rubber mouthpiece removed from the vaporizer proceed to load your grined Herbs until the vaporizing chamber is full.  You do not need to compact your herbs into the chamber; they should be allowed to settle in.

2 –  Be sure there is no remaining Dry Herb in the moutpiece receptacle area of the vaporizer and proceed to close the vaporizer flush by inserting and pressing down the black rubber moutpiece in its entirety. For additional protection from potential particulates, use the micro filter disk and place it over your loaded herbs before use.

3 – Press the activation button FIVE times until it FLASHES RED & BLUE simultaneously.

4 – Press the activation button again to initiate the vaporizer’s automatic heating process.

5 – The activation button will FLASH ON and OFF as BLUE while the vaporizer warms up automatically to its vaporizing temperature.

Note: Depending on how warm the Vaporizer was from its prior use will determine how long the button will flash ON and OFF as BLUE to reach it vaporizing temperature. If the vaporizer is warm enough you will see that the vaporizer goes directly into STEP 6.

6 – The activation button will stop flashing and remain ON as BLUE when the vaporizing temperature is reached and will remain ON as BLUE until the Dry Herb is vaporized and ready for consumption.

Note: That once the vaporizer’s activation button turns BLUE you may enable the vaporizer to reach a higher vaporizing temperature by briefly holding down the activation button (You don’t  need to reach higher vaporizing temperatures to consume your herbs)

7 – Once the activation button turns OFF the Dry Herb vapor is ready for consumption.

8 – Proceed to inhale and enjoy your clean Dry Herb Vapor

Note:  Go back to STEP 2 until you have consumed the vapor form the loaded Dry Herb in its entirety.  You will notice when the Dry Herb is completely consumed as there will be no more vapor to consume after STEP 7.

9 – Once all the Dry Herb has been vaporized, remove the black rubber mouthpiece and empty the vaporizing chamber from all the consumed herb.

10 – Go back to STEP 1

Note:  The BLUE activation button will turn RED once the vaporizer needs recharging.

Note:  Be sure to press the activation button FIVE times to turn the vaporizer OFF prior to charging, maintenance or storage.  Just as when it’s turned ON pressing the activation button FIVE times will make the vaporizer FLASH BLUE and RED simultaneously until it turns OFF.



1 – Be sure that the vaporizer is OFF.

2 – Dissassemble the mouthpiece and the vaporizing chamber in their entirety, piece by piece.

3 – Wet a cotton swab with alcohol and use it to remove any resin or left-over from each piece as needed in order to leave the vaporizer clean.  Do this with as many wet cotton swabs as needed so that all remaining pollutants are removed.

4 – Allow all components to dry at room temperature and wait until all alcohol evaporates.

5 – Once the components are dry reassemble them back together.

6 – Finally proceed to follow the STEPS FOR DAILY USE as needed

Note: Typically ROUTINE MAINTENANCE required once every month depending on its use.


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