How to use DM-T Vaporizer


1 – Press the activation botton continuously until the display indicator lights up and reads “ON”.

Note: You will also see the battery charge status along with the number of “hits” the vaporizer has provided.

2 – Once you have grinded your Dry Herb load it into the vaporizing chamber until it fills 2/3 of it

3 – Close the vaporizing chamber by screwing the mouth piece all the way in

4 – Activate the heating element of the vaporizer by keeping the actication button pressed. While the button remains pressed the vaporizer will gradually heat the Dry Herb until these are slowly vaporized.

5 – Proceed to inhale through the mouthpiece while the button is pressed until you consume all the vapor from your Herbs.

Note: As you hit / puff your herbs the vaporizer will keep count and show it in its display.

6 – Once you have consumed all your herb unscrew the mouthpiecce, empty vaporizing chamber from the spent herbs and use the cleaning brush provide to clean the chamber.

7 – Go back to STEP 2

Note: Before recharging the vaporizer be sure to bring to its OFF state by repeatedly pressing the activation button until “OFF” is shown in its display.


1 – Be sure to unscrew the battery from the vaporizing chamber and the mouthpiece.

2 – Dissassemble the mouthpiece and the vaporizing chamber in their entirety, piece by piece.

3 – Wet a cotton swab with alcohol and use it to remove any resin or left-over from each piece as needed in order to leave the vaporizer clean. Do this with as many wet cotton swabs as needed so that all remaining pollutants are removed and air flow is restored.

4 – Allow all components to dry at room temperature and wait until all alcohol evaporates.

5 – Once the components are dry reassemble them back together and screw in the mouthpiece and vaporizing chamber with the battery.

6 – Finally proceed to follow the STEPS FOR DAILY USE.

Note: Typically ROUTINE MAINTENACE is required once a week depending on its use.


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