How to use Falcon Herb Hydro Vaporizer


1 – Load your grinded herbs in the units vaporizing chamber. Then remove water lid to fill the unit with distilled water.

2 – To turn on the FALCON unit press its activation button. Initially the LED bar on the back of the unit will display the remaining battery charge level.

3 – By pressing the activation button once again you will be able to select one of the 5 preset temperature settings.

4 – Once the desired temperature pre set is selected the vaporizer will flash its LED lights until the desired temperature is reached. After this the vaporizer LED light will remain iluminated in the corresponding color of the temperature pre set selected.

5 – To shut down the unit press and hold its activation button until the units LED lights turn off.



1 – Use the cleaning brush included with the unit to remove any spent herb from its vaporizing chamber.

2 – Use the unit’s Allen tool to unmount the bottom end of the vaporizer. Once you do proceed to clean its water tank. It is recommended to clean the water tank at least once a week.


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