How to use NVape Wax Vaporizer


1 – Press the activation botton FIVE times and the light around the activation button will flash BLUE 5 times indicating the unit is “ON”.

2 – Once you have shatterd your wax into vaporizing chamber.

3 – Close the vaporizing chamber by reinserting the glass mouthpiece on the atomizer.

4 – Activate the heating element of the vaporizer by keeping the activation button pressed. While the button remains pressed the vaporizer will gradually heat Wax until it is slowly vaporized.

5 – Proceed to inhale through the mouthpiece while the button is pressed until you consume all the vapor.

6 – Once you have consumed all your herb unplug the mouthpiecce and use the cleaning brush provided to clean the chamber.

7 – Go back to STEP 2

Note: Before recharging the vaporizer be sure to bring to its OFF state by pressing the activation button FIVE times.



1 – Be sure the vaporizer is turned off.

2 – Unplug the mouthpiece and remove the units atomizer as needed.

3 – Use boiling water to remove any leftover wax from the atomizer. Do this as needed so that all remaining residues are removed and air flow and heat exchange is restored.

4 – Allow all components to dry at room temperature.

5 – Once the components are dry reassemble them back together.

6 – Finally proceed to follow the STEPS FOR DAILY USE.

Note: Typically ROUTINE MAINTENACE is required once a month dependant of use.


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