How to use the TREEBOX mini MOD by SMOK


Using the TREEBOX mini MOD is easy and systematic.

1 – Load your battery in the MOD.

2 – To turn ON the MOD press its activation button 5 times.

3 – To use the MOD simply press and hold the activation button during operation. If no atomizer is connected, the MOD will show “NO ATOMIZER” in its display.

Note: The unit has an operation protection feature that will force the device to stop if the activation button is held active for more than 12 seconds.  Also note that if the unit is left idle for more than 5 minutes it will shut itself down.

4 – Like with most MODs pressing the buttons below the display will allow for temperature or wattage control.

5 – At any time during TC or VW operation pressing the activation button 3 times in 2 seconds will enter the MOD into its operation menu.  Long pressing the activation button during this time enables menu options selection.

6 – At any time during TC or VW mode pressing both buttons below the display simultaneously will lock the device to avoid accidental operation.  To undo this setting both buttons need to be pressed simultaneously again.

While the device is Locked:

1 – Pressing the power button and the first button below the display simultaneously allows for the display to be rotated from left to right.

2 – Pressing the power button and the second button below the display allows for the resistance of the atomizer being used to be saved into the device’s memory.

While the device is Unlocked:

1 – Switching between the TC and VW is as simple as pressing the activation button plus the first button underneath the display simultaneously

2 – While in TC mode pressing the activation button and the second button below the display simultaneously will allow for the selection three different vape settings defined as NORMAL, HARD or SOFT.

3 –  While in TC mode Coil Material type may be selected from the operations menu.  The MOD allows for Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel coil specific types for more precise and efficient use.

4 – Also while in TC mode the operations menu allows for a Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) setting to be adjusted that will further improve the operating temperature on the MOD per the coil being used so that the best tasting vapor is achieved.

5 – Finally, TC mode also allows for an Adjustable Initial Resistance setting where the MOD may be set with an atomizer initial resistance providing for even further customized operation.

6 – Turning the unit OFF is as simple as pressing the activation button 5 times.

Note:  The TREEBOX mini is also full of safety features that are specified on the unit’s manual.

Batteries are NOT included with this unit. One 18650 Battery is recommended for use.



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