From time to time we have Ongoing Sales & Pomotions:

Right now, get a 30% OFF on your purchase of any of our KITS by sending 300 NXT to address:


Once you do, you will be sent a NXT Message with an exclusive discount code / voucher that will grant you 30% OFF at check out when you buy any our KITS (Herb, Wax or Liquids) as displayed on our store.

Simple… you get 30% OFF your purchase thanks to NXT. We will honor each transaction with a discount code within 48 hours from the date when the NXT was received.

Note: This is an individual use method and can’t be used in conjunction with other offers, sales or promotions.

NXT enables and favors small businesses like ours by providing a secure & affordable, platform through which transparent and trustworthy transactions can be made in a way similar to PayPal but without intermediaries.

Our NXT Address:  NXT-FWWJ-M44U-DJ2U-DF72S


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