Return Policy

VAPEPENstore™ is proud of the partnership growth it has exercised with manufacturers and distributors who strive to provide reliable high quality products consistently.

VAPEPENstore™ also prides itself in ensuring all of its clients are satisfied and pleased with their purchases.

Prior to shipping, all items sold are internally inspected by staff to ensure integrity and functionality.

Still, in the rare instance that an item sold fails to meet the expectations of our clients, items may be returned for due replacement or refund as long as they are found in the same condition as they were sold.

Pictures and videos to illustrate all / any issues with the items being returned will be required prior to accepting any returns.

VAPEPENstore™ will do a one for one replacement of any item that is subject to manufacturing defects or if a faulty item is overlooked by our internal inspection process prior to shipping.  Upon review, a replacement will be issued within 15 days after the product arrives to us.

If a customer requests a refund, VAPEPENstore™ will acknowledge acceptance of their returned items as long as these meet the requirements here described.  Upon review and compliance, a refund will be issued within 30 days.

All refunds will be issued upon resolution via Bitcoin only.

No refunds will be processed or accepted via cash or check.

No refunds will be issued on any item that has been used or damaged by the buyer.

Buyers are required to pay all fees associated with any returns to include shipping.

All returns must be accompanied with a tracking number at the expense of the buyer.

If a buyer returns an item that is missing any of its originally included accessories or if any of these are damaged or tarnished by the buyer,  VAPEPENstore™ will NOT consider the return acceptable for a refund.  These returns will be classified as UNACCEPTABLE RETURNS

When / if this happens, a refund will NOT be issued and the cost of shipping the item back to the customer will be the buyers responsibility.  In such instance, VAPEPENstore™ will rely on USPS Standard Post shipping when send back the UNACCEPTABLE RETURN.  If the customer would like to include insurance or any other USPS service, any and all costs will be paid by the buyer.

An additional $10 service fee will be added to UNACCEPTABLE RETURNS to account for VAPEPENstore staff processing and handling.

All UNACCEPTABLE RETURNS costs and fees will need to be cleared prior to returning any product back to the buyer.

VAPEPENstore™ is not responsible for items lost by mailing services during any stage of the return processes.

All returns will be void and null upon 14 calendar-days once items arrive to the customer per corresponding tracking number status / indication.

Unfortunately VAPEPENstore™ DOES NOT provide return services on International Orders.

If you have any questions regarding our Return Policy please contact us.