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iTaste 134 MX-Z MOD [~75W] by Innokin


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The iTaste 134MX-Z MOD shares its traits with the classic iTaste 134 also from Innokin.  This time around Zodiac constellations have been engraved on the inner sleeve of the unit giving it an even more pristine feel. Silver plated firing pins give the iTaste 134MX-Z clean power.  Adaptable  connectivity through an advanced new spring-adjusted top pin allow the unit to also adhere to 510 threads of varying heights.  The 134MX-Z, Innokin’s first mechanical MOD, is designed with a nice-to-have advanced safety feature that adds convenience and complements your lifestyle.  After selecting the Zodiac symbol of preference, the rotational wheel is used to lock or unlock the 134MX-Z.  Once locked, only when the preset Zodiac is selected the unit will operate.  Expected advanced features, quality and long term durability will make the “Zodiac” 134MX-Z elegant favorite.


MOD Features:

  • Positive connector Pin
  • Expandable size body
  • Lock and unlock through Zodiac selection
  • Supports: 18650 batteries (not included)
  • Thread: 510 / Ego
  • Output Voltage is directly correlated with Battery Voltage

MOD Specs

  • Recommended: 18650 MR high-drain unprotected 18650 batteries of 64.40—66.20 in length
  • Input Voltage: ~3.7V
  • Power: ~75W (may vary with atomizer and 18650 battery CDR)


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