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Reusable Preventive Goggles [ BULK ($4.99/pair : 100pairs)]


Available on backorder


Shipment of 100 Reusable Preventive Goggles. Splash resistant with five breathable anti-fog valves, fit over glasses and are fully adjustable. ([ $4.99 / pair ] ). CE Certificate.

Due to the recent PANDEMIC; these items are available in BULK quantities only.


Note:  We advise individuals who are interested in smaller quantities; to gather and make a group order.  Among your co-workers, neighbors and close relatives in potentially affected areas; organize, identify your individual needs and then place a BULK order.  Once the masks arrive you can distribute as needed among peers (remember to practice social distancing).  Due to forecast demand, we don’t know when or if smaller sized orders will become available.


ONGOING SALES, as displayed on our store, do not apply to BULK items.

BULK items are currently only being shipped to the U.S. straight from the manufacturers.  

Items should arrive within 4-5 days; some delays, could be typical due to unusual high demand.

As with all correspondence during this Pandemic; as a preventive measure, disinfect all shipping materials (shipment boxes, etc.) upon receipt and dispose off accordingly.

Please check back with us regularly for updates on potential deliveries to other areas or add yourself to our mailing list by clicking here to get the latest on our product promotions, sales or other events regarding our store / services.


To all of those in the front lines, we honor your sacrifice and human will to strive especially when it’s for others in need.  Thank you, many of us owe you our lives!

Weight 11 lbs


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