How to use BlissVape (2 in 1) Vaporizer


1 – Press the activation botton FIVE times and the light around the activation button will flash BLUE 5
times indicating the unit is “ON”.

2 – Once you have grinded your Dry Herb load it into the Dry Herb vaporizing chamber.

Note: The atomizer with the exposed heating coil is designed for vaping WAX.

3 – Close the vaporizing chamber by inserting the glass mouthpiece before consumption

4 – Activate the heating element of the vaporizer by keeping the activation button pressed. While the button remains pressed the vaporizer will gradually heat the Dry Herb until it is slowly vaporized.

5 – Proceed to inhale through the mouthpiece while the button is pressed until you consume all the vapor.

6 – Once you have consumed all your herb unplug the mouthpiece, empty the vaporizing chamber from
the spent herbs and use the cleaning brush provided to clean the chamber.

7 – Go back to STEP 2

Note: Before recharging the vaporizer be sure to bring to its OFF state by pressing the activation button FIVE times.



1 – Be sure the vaporizer is turned off.

2 – Unplug the mouthpiece and remove the units atomizer as needed.

3 – Wet a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol and use it to remove any resin or left-over from each piece
used in order to leave the atomizer clean from debris. Do this with as many wet cotton swabs as
needed so that all remaining residues are removed and air flow is restored.

Note: When cleaning the wax atomizer use boiling water or steam to remove any left over wax.

4 – Allow all components to dry at room temperature.

5 – Once the components are dry reassemble them back together.

6 – Finally proceed to follow the STEPS FOR DAILY USE.

Note: Typically ROUTINE MAINTENACE is required once a month dependant of use.


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