How to use Dark Knight BRAVE (3 in 1) Vaporizer


1 – Proceed to load your grinded Herbs until the vaporizing chamber is full. You do not need to compact your herbs into the chamber; they should be allowed to settle in.   To extend the life of your vaporizer and to minimize particulates you should always place a micro filter (included) between your herbs and the top of the ceramic cup.

Note: You can load wax or liquid into the vaporizing chamber using the glass vial provided with the unit.

2 – Close the vaporizer latch.

3 – Press the ACTIVATION button FIVE times until the Display reads LCD ON. At this time the LCD will show battery status, vaporizer status, current temperature, set temperature and vaporizing time along with a visual thermometer.

4 – Use the ” + or – ” buttons to enter the vaporizing temperature desired.

5 – Leave the ” – ” button pressed 3 seconds to customize the vaporizing time for the unit to remain ON at the specified temperature.

Note: Once the vaporizer reaches the vaporizing temperature desired it will remain at set temperature for the vaporizing time entered. You can always stop your vaporizing time by pressing the ACTIVATION button in the middle of the heating process.

6 – Press the ACTIVATION button again to initiate the vaporizer’s automatic heating process.

Note: Once the vaporizer begins its heating process the vaporizer status indicator shown in the display will change to an HOUR-GLASS indicating that the process is underway.

7 – Once the temperature reaches the vaporizing temperature desired it will remain at set temperature for the duration of the vaporizing time entered. At this point the vaporizer status indicator will change from an HOUR-GLASS to a PLAY icon.

Note: Depending on how warm the Vaporizer was from its prior use will determine how long it will take to reach the vaporization temperature desired.

8 – Proceed to inhale and enjoy your clean Dry Herb Vapor.

9 – Once the vaporizing time expires you may press the ACTIVATION button once again and the vaporizer will go back to initiation a set time vaporization procecss (STEP 6).

Note: The vaporizer will operate at the entered time and temperature settings as long as they aren’t altered.

10 – Once all the Dry Herb has been vaporized empty the vaporizing chamber from all the consumed herb.

Note: The BATTERY STATUS indicator will display when the battery is running low and in need of recharging.

Note: Be sure to press the ACTIVATION button FIVE times to turn the vaporizer OFF prior to maintenance or storage. Leave the vaporizer ON when charging.

Advanced Programming:

This vaporizer provides the user with three internal memory settings. In order to program any of these settings the vaporizer must be turned ON:

1 – Press the ACTIVATION button and keep it pressed for 3 seconds.

2 – Once the display changes you will see the three internal memory settings that you may program.

3 – Press the ” + or – ” buttons to navigate and select the memory setting you wish to modify.

4 – Once selected press de ACTIVATION button 3 times to edit the selected settings.

5 – Adjust the temperature of the selected setting using the ” + or – ” buttons

6 – Press the ACTIVATION button once again to adjust the vaporizing time of the memory setting selected.

7 – Once you are through editing the memory states you wish press the ACTIVATION button 3 times once more to return the main menu.

Note: Due to the fact that this vaporizer can process dry herbs, liquids and wax the memory settings facilitate usage when changing between different sources consumed.


1 – Be sure that the vaporizer is OFF.

2 – Wet a cotton swab with alcohol and use it to remove any resin or left-over in the vaporizing chamber and leave it clean. Do this with as many wet cotton swabs as needed so that all remaining pollutants are removed.

3 – Allow all components to dry at room temperature and wait until all alcohol evaporates.

4 – Once the components are dry reassemble your vaporizer and it is once again ready for use.

5 – Proceed to follow the STEPS FOR DAILY USE as needed

Note: Typically ROUTINE MAINTENANCE is required once every month depending on use.


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