How to use ETOP 30 MOD by iJoy


Using the ETOP 30 510 MOD is easy and systematic.

1 – When you load your battery the MOD will flash its LED light in white color once to indicate the battery has been loaded correctly.

2 – To turn ON the MOD press its activation button 5 times. Once you do its LED light will flash 3 times in white color.

3 – To use the MOD simply press and hold the activation button during operation.

Note: By rotating the dial you may manually adjust your unit’s output power from 8-30W. With every successfull selection the MOD LED light will flash. If A is selected the MOD will AUTOMATICALLY adjust its output power to suit whatever atomizer is connected to the unit.

4 – The unit is also designed to notify the user what is the remaining status of its battery.

The LED light will flash in different colors depending on battery power.

Blue for 3.9V or more and battery power over 80%

Green for 3.6V or more and battery power over 60%

Red for 3.3V or more and battery power over 30%

Note: When the battery voltage is less than 3.3V the LED will flash RED 10 times indicating its time to recharge the battery.

5 – To turn the unit off press the activation button 5 times. Its LED ligth will flash 3 times in white color to indication that the unit has been turned off.

Battery is NOT included with this unit. 18650 Battery is recommended.


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