How to use R2-D2 MOD


Using the R2-D2 510 MOD is easy and systematic.

1 – Press its activation button repeatedly (3 times within 2 seconds) to enter the mode selection menu.

2 – Once in the selection menu press the activation button once again to scroll through each of the
different menu options (Options 1 – 7).

Option 1: Watt Up (5.0W – 15.0W) / Voltage Up (3.0V – 6.0V)
Allows you to control wattage settings in increasing values

Option 2: Watt Down (15.0W – 5.0W) / Voltage Down (6.0V – 3.0V)
Allows you to control wattage settings in decreasing values

Option 3: Out (ON / OFF)
Allows for custom locking the MOD output between ON / OFF

Option 4: Battery Voltage
Displays current battery Voltage

Option 5: LCD Display
Allows you to chose what is displayed by the LCD Display when the activation button is
pressed once. Choose between: Wattage or Voltage (depending on Option 7), Battery,

Option 6: LCD (ON / OFF)
Allows you to turn ON / OFF the LCD Display on the MOD

Option 7: Wattage/Voltage
Allows you to control the MOD based on Wattage Output or Voltage Output
3 – To select an Option simply wait while the option is displayed on the LCD Screen for 2 seconds and
the MOD will automatically provide you access settings to the selected option.

4 – Once you customize your settings of the selected option, simply wait 2 seconds and the MOD will
enable the selected option based on the settings selected.

5 – After settings are selected and set the MOD will display the last setting set everytime the activation
button is pressed once.

6 – You may customize the MOD to display between Wattage or Voltage, Battery & Resistance.

7 – Finally this MOD allows the user to control the airflow that is being suplied to the 510 MOD compatible
TANK used with a unique airflow valve control setting at the tip of the MOD.

8 – Only use the supplied battery charger to charge the 18650 battery included with the MOD.


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