From time to time we have Ongoing Sales & Pomotions:


Hoping to provide our customers with even more choices when it comes to self-medication technology, VSSS PROMOS will showcase new-to-market items from selected up-and-coming manufacturers. These PROMOS will allow customers access to products that are yet to go “mainstream” but are ready to compete against established brands.

Products showcased with the VAPEPENstore PROMO Banner could be available for a limited time and in limited quantities.


Providing an outlet for brand products of trusted start-ups we’ve worked with in the past, VSSS PARTNERS is a collaboration based initiative where we enable and foment product lines other than our own. The PARTNER brand products we showcase are meant to help these businesses have more exposure, reach new customers and continue to innovate.

Products showcased with the VAPEPENstore PARTNER Banner could be available for a limited time and in limited quantities.

We are very excited with these PROMOS and PARTNERS have “high” hopes their offerings will satisfy our customers demands for new, stand-out and simply cool, products.

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Stay Healthy with Aromatherapy

Cryptocurrencies enable and favor small businesses like ours by providing a secure & affordable, platform through which transparent and trustworthy transactions can be made in a way similar to PayPal but without intermediaries or abusive credit card fees.

VSSS PROMO and VSSS PARTNER items may appear available through backorder only.


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